Nearby Pokemon Notifications For Pokemon GO.
PokeDetector lets you keep your phone in your poket while you go Poke-hunting!


  • Detect nearby Pokemon in real time
  • Receive a notification when a wild Pokemon appears
  • Filter out Pokemon you're not interested in
  • Awesome Notifications on Android Wear!
Download For Android

Note: We can't publish this app to the Play Store, so you'll have to install it directly.
To do this, you need to allow App installs from Unknown Sources by going into Settings -> Security -> Unkown Sources

Detect Nearby Pokemon With PokeDetector For Pokemon GO Detect Nearby Pokemon With PokeDetector For Pokemon GO

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can't I Download The App From Google Play?

The app was available on Google Play briefly, but it was taken down because it accesses the Pokemon Go API

Permission Requirements

  • LOCATION: Required to detect which Pokemon are nearby

Which Account Should I Log In With?

This app needs to log in to a Google account that's registered with Pokemon Go. We highly recommend registering for Pokemon Go with a backup account, and using that for this application. This application is using an unoffical Pokemon Go API, and while many other applications also use this API, it's always better to be safe than sorry :)

Why Does It Use PayPal?

The app is free to use forever (without ads). If you want to unlock some extra features (like only receiving notifications for specific Pokemon), then you can unlock the Premium version by paying with PayPal. Because the app isn't published on the Play Store, it means that we cannot use the defualt In-App Purchases mechanism.

What Range Does It Have?

The app scans for Pokemon within the catching distance (70m currently). The range was reduced recently by Niantic, so fewer Pokemon will show up.

Will You Increase The Range?

No. Increasing the range requires GPS spoofing (which is cheating). This app only exists to show you the Pokemon you could catch if you actually had Pokemon Go open. We don't want to break the game or ruin the fun for anyone.


Coming Soon

  • Sort options for filter list
  • Information for lures

Version 1.2.1 - 8th August 2016

  • Fixes for the new API

Version 1.2.0

  • Display number of Pokemon found within 3 steps
  • Added code to update without the Play Store
  • Added PayPal for In-App Purchases

Version 1.1.3

  • Added additional logging information (so it's easier to debug issues)
  • Added location detection fallback
  • Disabled 15s scan interval (it was causing issues and sometimes wouldn't detect correctly)
  • Translations for ZH